Romans 12(01+02)

Introduction Romans can really be divided into two parts. There's chapters 1 to 11; and then there's chapters 12 to 16. In chapters 1 to 11 Paul explains the gospel of the grace of God to sinners like us. And in chapters 12 to 16 Paul outlines for us how we should live as those … Continue reading Romans 12(01+02)

Romans 11(11–24)

Introduction The last time I mentioned that Romans 11 is a difficult chapter. All of Romans is difficult. But Romans 11 is especially difficult; and the commentators discuss various words and phrases in this chapter and they try to make sense of Paul's words. And one commentator makes one conclusion: This is what Paul means. … Continue reading Romans 11(11–24)

Romans 10(05–13)

Introduction I mentioned the last time these two ideas which are placed side by side in the Bible. On the one hand, there's God's sovereignty and his electing grace. He's the king who rules over all and who upholds and directs all his creatures and all their actions according to the purpose of his will; … Continue reading Romans 10(05–13)

Romans 09(14–18)

Introduction Romans 8 ended with the marvellous promise that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. And while Paul's readers are cheering, because that promise and all of the promises in Romans 8 are so wonderful, Paul is weeping. He's heartbroken. He has great sorrow and unceasing … Continue reading Romans 09(14–18)