1 Kings 08

Introduction Since chapter 5 we've been reading about the house which Solomon built for the Lord. In chapter 5 we read about the preparations he made, arranging with Hiram king of Tyre for timber from Lebanon to be sent to Jerusalem. And we read about all the labourers who were conscripted to work alongside Hiram's … Continue reading 1 Kings 08

1 Kings 07

Introduction Today's chapter is really a continuation of the previous two chapters, where we read about the preparations Solomon made and the work he did to build the temple in Jerusalem. Hiram king of Tyre agreed to provide him with all the timber he needed to build the temple. And Solomon conscripted men from Israel … Continue reading 1 Kings 07

1 Kings 05+06

Introduction Everything in chapter 4 helped us to see how God had blessed his people, enabling them to live in peace and rest in a well-ordered and prosperous kingdom, where they were ruled by a wise and discerning king, who foreshadowed God's true Anointed King who is Jesus Christ our Saviour, who gave up his … Continue reading 1 Kings 05+06

1 Kings 04

Introduction A couple of weeks ago we studied 1 Kings 3 together where the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and offered to give him whatever he wanted. And Solomon asked for a wise and discerning heart so that he would be able to govern God's people well. And God was pleased that he … Continue reading 1 Kings 04