Job 18–21

Introduction Back in chapter 9 and verse 33 Job expressed a wish for an arbiter: someone who would enable Job to speak up and make his case before God without being afraid. He was looking for a mediator to bring them together. And then, in chapter 17 and verse 19, he spoke of a witness … Continue reading Job 18–21

Galatians 04(21–31)

Introduction Paul received the one true gospel message when the Lord Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. And Paul preached the one true gospel message to the Galatians whenever he visited them on one of his missionaries journeys. And some who heard him preach the one true gospel message believed and churches … Continue reading Galatians 04(21–31)

Galatians 04(01–11)

Introduction Paul has been contending for the gospel. He's been fighting for the gospel. And he's been fighting for the gospel, because after he preached the one, true gospel to the Galatians, false teachers came to Galatia after he left; and they confused the believers by teaching them another gospel. which was really no gospel … Continue reading Galatians 04(01–11)