1 Kings 02

Introduction When we studied 1 Kings 1 last week we saw that King David had become old and weak and it was clear that he was near the end of his life. And his oldest surviving son, Adonijah, put himself forward. That is, he exalted himself and said that he will be king. And he … Continue reading 1 Kings 02

Job 34–35

Introduction We met Elihu for the first time last week. And we saw that he was waiting for Job and Job's three friends to finish speaking. And now that they have finished, Elihu has begun to say what's been on his mind. And he spoke about how he felt compelled to speak and the pressure … Continue reading Job 34–35

Genesis 33

Review Way back in the beginning, after God created Adam, he commissioned Adam to fill the earth and to subdue it. In other words, the Lord wanted Adam to fill the earth with people who would bear his image and who would be able, therefore, to reflect his glory on the earth. And the Lord … Continue reading Genesis 33

Job 32–33

Introduction Last week we looked at chapters 29 to 31 which contain Job's final words. In chapter 29 he described his former happiness and those days when God watched over him and when God's intimate friendship blessed his house and when God was still with him and his children were still with him. Job described … Continue reading Job 32–33

1 Kings 01

Introduction The first word in the NIV's version of 1 Kings 1 is the word 'when': 'When David was old and well advanced in years....' However the word translated 'when' should really be translated 'and': 'And King David was old and well advanced in years....' And the point of the word 'and' is to tell … Continue reading 1 Kings 01

Job 29–31

Introduction It's been a few weeks since our last sermon on the book of Job, so let me take a moment to review what we've seen so far. In the first two chapters, we learned that God regarded Job as blameless and upright. However Satan was not so impressed. He claimed that Job only worships … Continue reading Job 29–31

Job 25–28

Introduction We began the third cycle of speeches last week when we studied Job chapters 22 to 24 which contained Eliphaz's third speech to Job and Job's reply. And do you remember? It seemed that Eliphaz's patience with Job had come to an end; and all thought of comforting Job had been set aside, because … Continue reading Job 25–28

Job 22–24

Introduction Last Sunday evening we reached the end of the second cycle of speeches between Job and his friends. And there is one more cycle of speeches to go before we meet a fourth friend named Elihu who also wants to speak to Job. But we don't meet Elihu until chapter 32. In the meantime, … Continue reading Job 22–24

Job 18–21

Introduction Back in chapter 9 and verse 33 Job expressed a wish for an arbiter: someone who would enable Job to speak up and make his case before God without being afraid. He was looking for a mediator to bring them together. And then, in chapter 17 and verse 19, he spoke of a witness … Continue reading Job 18–21

Job 15–17

Introduction Let's take a moment to review what we're read so far in the book of Job. In the first two chapters, we learned that God regarded Job as blameless and upright. However Satan was not so impressed and he wanted to permission to attack Job's life to see whether he could destroy Job's faith. … Continue reading Job 15–17