Haggai 2

Introduction God had sent his people into exile because of their persistent unbelief and rebellion. But 70 years later the Lord stirred up the heart of Cyrus, the king of the Medes and Persians, to make a proclamation that the people in exile could return to the Promised Land to rebuild the temple of the … Continue reading Haggai 2

Haggai 1

Background We're beginning a new series of sermons today. And my plan for Sunday evenings is to preach through Haggai and Zechariah, because these two books really belong together, because Haggai and Zechariah conducted their prophetic ministry at the same time and in the same place. Both of the conducted their ministry in Jerusalem after … Continue reading Haggai 1

Psalm 072

Introduction This psalm is a prayer for the king. The title is 'Of Solomon'. That might mean it was written by Solomon. However, some of the commentators believe it was written by David for Solomon to mark his coronation and to ask the Lord's blessing on his reign. And that seems to make sense, because … Continue reading Psalm 072

1 Samuel 31

Summary It seems appropriate as we approach the end of 1 Samuel to think back over the book and to summarise what it's been about. And so, what has it been about? Well, one of the commentaries I have on 1 Samuel has as its subtitle, 'Looking for a Leader'. 'Looking for a Leader.' And … Continue reading 1 Samuel 31

1 Samuel 29+30

Introduction The introduction to today's passage is back at the beginning of chapter 28. Right at the beginning of chapter 28 we were told that in those days the Philistines gathered their forces to fight against Israel. And Achish, the Philistine king of Gath, was expecting David and his men to go with him to … Continue reading 1 Samuel 29+30

1 Samuel 26

Introduction It's been a while since we last studied the book of 1 Samuel together. So, let me refresh your memory a little. The first few chapters were mostly about Samuel, who grew up in the tabernacle, doing the work of the priests; and he became a prophet, who revealed the will of Lord to … Continue reading 1 Samuel 26

1 Samuel 25

Introduction 1 Samuel 25 is like the meat in a sandwich. The meat in a sandwich, or the cheese in a sandwich, is surrounded by two slices of bread. And chapter 25 is the meat in a sandwich, or it's like the cheese in a sandwich, because it's surrounded by chapter 24 and chapter 26. … Continue reading 1 Samuel 25