Matthew 23(13–39)

Introduction In the passage we studied last week the Lord exposed how the Pharisees and teachers of the law were hypocrites who did not practise what they preached; and they were lacking in sympathy and compassion; and they loved to be praised. They were hypocrites because, though they told everyone to keep the law, they … Continue reading Matthew 23(13–39)

1 Kings 11

Introduction For ten chapters we've been reading about Solomon's reign. In chapter 1 we read of how David gave instructions for Solomon to be crowned king in his place. And in chapter 2 we had David's charge to Solomon and we read how David instructed the new king to be strong and to walk in … Continue reading 1 Kings 11

Psalm 060

Introduction You may have noticed that Psalms 54 to 60 are similar in that each of them are lamentations in which David called on the Lord for help because of his enemies. In Psalm 54, he complained that strangers were attacking him, ruthless men who sought his life. In Psalm 55, he cried to the … Continue reading Psalm 060

Psalm 059

Introduction If you take a look at the title for today's psalm, you'll see that it was inspired by the events recorded for us in 1 Samuel 19 which we were studying last Sunday morning. According to the title, this psalm was written in connection with the time when Saul sent men to watch David's … Continue reading Psalm 059

Psalm 058

Introduction Do you ever feel that life is unfair and that wicked people are able to do wicked things and get away with it? That those who try to live uprightly are downtrodden and disregarded, whereas the wicked proper and succeed? Well, if you feel that life is unfair -- that life is unjust -- … Continue reading Psalm 058

Psalm 057

Introduction I began last week by saying that last week's psalm was yet another psalm of lament. Well, today's psalm is yet another psalm of lament, when the psalmist calls on the Lord for help because of the trouble he's in. And like last week's psalm, Psalm 57 ends with a vow to praise the … Continue reading Psalm 057