2 Samuel 24

Introduction So, here we are at the last chapter of 2 Samuel and this story about the plague which the Lord sent on his people and the offerings David brought to the Lord to pay for their sins and to make peace with him. Verses 1 to 10 But there are a few things which … Continue reading 2 Samuel 24

2 Samuel 23

Introduction Famous last words. 'Kiss me, Hardy' is one I remember from school, which Nelson supposedly said to his ship's captain at the Battle of Trafalgar. 'You too, Brutus'. Julius Caesar probably didn't say those words, but those are the last words of Caesar in Shakespeare's play. Johnny Cash apparently said, 'It's time'. And Barry … Continue reading 2 Samuel 23

2 Samuel 22

Introduction Our narrator is wrapping up the story of David, who became king of God's people in place of Saul and who faced many challenges and troubles and trials during his lifetime. But the Lord preserved him and kept him. And some time during his reign, David wrote this song of thanksgiving to the Lord … Continue reading 2 Samuel 22

2 Samuel 21

Introduction We're coming near to the end of 2 Samuel and the story of David. But our narrator still has a few more things to tell us about David and his reign. And today's chapter can be divided into two main parts. Firstly, in verses 1 to 14, we have this story involving the Gibeonites. … Continue reading 2 Samuel 21

2 Samuel 18(01)–19(08a)

Introduction In chapter 17 David's friend, Hushai, managed to persuade Absalom to disregard Ahithophel's advice, even though normally everyone listened to Ahithophel's advice. And that gave David and his followers time to cross over the River Jordan and to reach safety. And Hushai was able to persuade Absalom to disregard Ahithophel's advice, because the Lord … Continue reading 2 Samuel 18(01)–19(08a)

2 Samuel 17

Introduction David is on the run. For a lot of the time in 1 Samuel, David was on the run from Saul, who, as well as being king at that time, was also David's father-in-law; but he wanted to kill David. Now, in 2 Samuel, David is on the run again. But this time he's … Continue reading 2 Samuel 17

2 Samuel 16

Introduction David has had to flee from Jerusalem, because his son, Absalom, had conspired against him and had appointed himself as king over Israel. And in last week's chapter, we read about some of the people who still supported David. Remember? There was the Kerethites and the Pelethites and the Gittites, all of whom were … Continue reading 2 Samuel 16

2 Samuel 15

Introduction In today's chapter we read how Absalom conspired against his father, David, and appointed himself as king in place of his father. And, in order to spare the people of Jerusalem from being attacked by Absalom, David fled from the city. And so, we read how he crossed the Kidron, which was a stream … Continue reading 2 Samuel 15