Psalm 030

Introduction In our studies in the psalms, we've reached Psalm 30. If you have your Bible open in front of you, you'll see that this psalm has a title. Not every psalm has a title; and when a psalm has a title, very often all the title says is that the psalm is a psalm … Continue reading Psalm 030

Psalm 029

Introduction We've been working our way through the Psalms, first on Wednesday evenings and now on these special online services on Sundays. Some of the psalms are wisdom psalms: they're about living your life in accordance with God's word. For instance, Psalm 1 is a wisdom psalm, because it speaks of the one who delights … Continue reading Psalm 029

Psalm 028

Introduction We were working our way through the psalms on Wednesday evenings before our services and meetings were suspended. But I thought I'd continue to preach on the psalms for these special recordings. Just to update you, in case you were not at the Wednesday Bible study, I've been trying to show that all of … Continue reading Psalm 028

Psalm 027

Introduction We've been working our way through the psalms on Wednesday evenings. And I've been trying to show that each of the psalms -- like everything else in the Bible -- points in one way or another to the Lord Jesus and to the good news of the gospel. David -- who wrote many of … Continue reading Psalm 027

Psalm 026

Introduction Psalm 26 is a psalm of vindication in which the psalmist appeals to the Lord to vindicate him or to declare him innocent of the false charges and accusations that have been made against him. And it can be divided into five parts. In verses 1 to 3, the psalmist prays for vindication and … Continue reading Psalm 026

Psalm 024

Introduction As we read this psalm, we're to imagine the Lord's people in the days of the Old Testament going up to Jerusalem to worship the Lord. And it can be divided into three parts. The first part -- verses 1 and 2 -- is about the great Creator-King. The second part -- verses 3 … Continue reading Psalm 024

Psalm 025

Introduction If you're looking at an NIV, the footnote at the beginning of this psalm tells you that it's an acrostic poem. That means each verse begins with successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. So, if it were following the English alphabet, the first word of the first verse would begin with A; and the … Continue reading Psalm 025

Psalm 023

Introduction We come this evening to what is probably the most well-known psalm. It's a psalm of confidence in which the psalmist expresses his confidence in the Lord who is depicted as a shepherd and a host. He's described as a shepherd in verses 1 to 4 who looks after and cares for his sheep; … Continue reading Psalm 023

Psalm 022

Introduction Psalm 22 is both a lamentation and a thanksgiving. Verses 1 to 21 contain the lamentation, where the psalmist cries to the Lord because of the trouble he's in. And verses 22 to 31 contain the thanksgiving, where the psalmist gives thanks the Lord for delivering him from his trouble. And he anticipates a … Continue reading Psalm 022

Psalm 021

Introduction Psalm 21 is about a battle won and a battle yet to be won. Verses 1 to 7 are directed to the Lord and the psalmist gives thanks to the Lord for giving victory to the king in the past. Then verses 8 to 13 are directed to the king and the psalmist looks … Continue reading Psalm 021