2 Peter 03

Introduction As we turn to 2 Peter 3 we should notice that it's a kind of amalgam of chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 1 was about living a good and godly life, because Peter explained to us in that chapter that since the Lord Jesus has given us everything we need to live a godly … Continue reading 2 Peter 03

2 Peter 02(10b–22)

Introduction We saw last week how Peter was warning his readers about certain false teachers who had come along and who were introducing destructive heresies into the church. And Peter described them in various ways and spoke about how they will be condemned in the end if they continue to rebel against the Lord and … Continue reading 2 Peter 02(10b–22)

1 Peter 04(07–11)

Introduction It's been several weeks since we were studying 1 Peter together, but we've been thinking how, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we've been raised with him to the heavenly realms; and we've become citizens of heaven, so that our true home now -- the place we really belong, and the place we … Continue reading 1 Peter 04(07–11)

1 Peter 04(01–06)

Introduction We've seen how the Apostle Peter was writing to believers who were suffering for their faith and who were suffering for doing good. And he was writing to encourage them. And one of the ways he encouraged them was by reminding all those who were suffering for doing good that the Lord Jesus Christ … Continue reading 1 Peter 04(01–06)