Matthew 20(17–28)

Introduction Today's passage is a kind of sandwich because in the middle of the passage you've got the story about James and John and their mother and how the brothers want to sit at the Lord's right hand in his kingdom. And then there's the indignant reaction of the other disciples when they hear about … Continue reading Matthew 20(17–28)

Matthew 18(01–14)

Introduction I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, but Matthew's gospel contains five blocks of teaching. So, Matthew gives us a section of narrative in which he describes what happened; and then that is followed by a block of teaching. And then there's more narrative, followed by more teaching; and so on, through the gospel. … Continue reading Matthew 18(01–14)

2+3 John

Introduction We managed to complete our studies on 1 John right before Christmas; and the plan now is to study both 2 and 3 John today. As you can see, they are both short letters and the commentators think that each one of them was able to fit on a single sheet of papyrus, which … Continue reading 2+3 John

Matthew 17

Introduction We've been working our way through the gospel of Matthew since this time last year. And we come today to chapter 17 and to the account of the Lord's transfiguration. Many of the commentators take it for granted that when the Lord was transfigured like this he was briefly displaying his true nature as … Continue reading Matthew 17