Leviticus 18

Introduction I explained last week that we're in that part of the book of Leviticus which is known as the Laws of Holiness, because this part of the book contains laws and instructions to teach the people of Israel how they were to live as God's people. Last week we looked at chapter 17 which … Continue reading Leviticus 18

Leviticus 17

Introduction So far in the book of Leviticus we've seen how the various sacrifices which we read about in chapter 1 to 7 point forward to the person and work of Christ. The burnt offering teaches us that the Lord has ransomed us from our sin and misery; the fellowship or peace offering teaches us … Continue reading Leviticus 17

Leviticus 16

Introduction When we began to study the book of Leviticus together, I made the point that the book of Leviticus is at the centre of the Pentateuch, which is the first five books of the Bible. Leviticus is at the centre; and it's surrounded by the books of Genesis and Deuteronomy which together describe how … Continue reading Leviticus 16

Leviticus 11(24–47)

Introduction As we turn again to the book of Leviticus and read what might seem to us as strange rules and regulations about which animals the Israelites were permitted to touch and which animals they were not permitted to touch, it's important that we remember at least three principles. Firstly, all of Scripture points to … Continue reading Leviticus 11(24–47)

Leviticus 10

Introduction One of the commentators on this passage points out that what we have here in the account of the death of Nadab and Abihu is sadly typical of what we read in the Old Testament. After the Lord placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we have Adam's failure to obey the … Continue reading Leviticus 10

Leviticus 09

Introduction When we began studying the book of Leviticus a few weeks ago, I said that it's about how the Lord is able to provide a way for his chosen, but sinful people to dwell with him. Who may ascend the hill of the Lord and stand in his holy place? Who can do it? … Continue reading Leviticus 09

Leviticus 08

Introduction So far in Leviticus we've seen how the Lord gave instructions to Moses about the various sacrifices he wanted the people to offer at the Tabernacle. Firstly, in chapters 1 to 5 there were instructions for the lay people about when to bring an offering to the Lord and what kind of offering they … Continue reading Leviticus 08