2+3 John

Introduction We managed to complete our studies on 1 John right before Christmas; and the plan now is to study both 2 and 3 John today. As you can see, they are both short letters and the commentators think that each one of them was able to fit on a single sheet of papyrus, which … Continue reading 2+3 John

1 John 5(01–12)

Introduction I heard another preacher compare John's first letter to a spiral staircase. Imagine you're walking up a spiral staircase. And as you go up and round the staircase, you pass a window and see a mountain in the distance. You go on up and round and pass another window and see a lake. You … Continue reading 1 John 5(01–12)

1 John 2(18–27)

Introduction The passage which we studied last time contained encouragement and an exhortation. John encouraged his readers by reminding them of some of the privileges they had received because of Christ. Their sins were forgiven; they had come to know the Father and the Son; and they had God's word to make them strong and … Continue reading 1 John 2(18–27)

1 John 2(03–11)

Introduction Do you remember last week's passage? John was responding to three false claims which certain people were making about sin. The first false claim that some people were making was that sin doesn't matter. I can have a relationship with God and keeping on sinning, because sin doesn't matter. The second false claim that … Continue reading 1 John 2(03–11)