James 5(12–18)

Introduction We're coming to the end of James's letter and to the final instructions he has for us before he closes his letter. And I suppose, he's doing what we used to do whenever we wrote letters. Some of you may still put pen to paper and write letters. Most of us don't and we … Continue reading James 5(12–18)

James 5(07–11)

Introduction As we approach another Christmas, no doubt parents across the country are reminding their children that they need to be patient. You know: Christmas is coming; you'll soon be allowed to open your presents; but you can't open them yet. So, be patient and wait a little bit longer. And children across the country … Continue reading James 5(07–11)

James 5(01–06)

Introduction I wonder did you notice that this week's passage begins the same way as last week's passage began? Verse 13 of chapter 4 began with the words: Now listen.... And verse 1 of chapter 5 begins with the words: Now listen.... I suggested last week that we should think of a father, saying to … Continue reading James 5(01–06)

James 4(13–16)

Introduction I've said before that the book of James is a very practical book, because it's about how we're to live as God's people and how we're to regard one another and how we're to treat one another. But as well as instructing us about what's the right way to live as God's people, and … Continue reading James 4(13–16)

James 4(01–12)

Introduction We've been studying this book for several weeks, although it's been about a month since we last looked at it together. And we've seen that it was probably written by the James who was the Lord's half-brother and who became a prominent leader in the early church. And he was writing to Christians who … Continue reading James 4(01–12)

James 3(01–12)

Introduction James has lots of surprising things to say to us. Right at the beginning of his letter, he said something very surprising. He said: Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds. Normally we complain about our trials and troubles, but James tells us to regard them with joy. … Continue reading James 3(01–12)

James 2(02–13)

Introduction We began to look at this passage last week when we concentrated on verse 1 and on what James tells us in this verse about the Lord Jesus and about his readers. Remember? He referred to the Lord Jesus as 'the glorious Lord Jesus Christ'. And we thought about how the name 'Jesus' means … Continue reading James 2(02–13)