Hebrews 12(01–13)

Introduction We spent three weeks on Hebrews 11 and on that long list of people from the Old Testament. What did all these people have in common? After all, they were very different from one another. For instance, Moses, I'm sure, was very different from Rabab the prostitute. And they lived at different times and … Continue reading Hebrews 12(01–13)

Hebrews 11(23–40)

Introduction This is our third week studying Hebrews 11, where the author reminds us of all these people from the Old Testament, beginning with Abel and going on from him to mention Enoch and Noah and Abraham and Sarah and Isaac and Jacob and Joseph and Moses and on and on through the Old Testament. … Continue reading Hebrews 11(23–40)

Hebrews 11(08–22)

Introduction Because I've been away, it's been a while since we were studying the book of Hebrews together. But I'm sure you'll remember that I've said before that most commentators believe the book of Hebrews was written for Jewish Christians. That is, it was written for Jewish people who had been converted to faith in … Continue reading Hebrews 11(08–22)

Hebrews 09

Introduction The writer of this letter has been teaching us that the one who is Son is greater than the prophets; and he’s greater than the angels; and he’s greater than Moses; and he’s greater than Joshua. He’s greater than the prophets, because, while God spoke through them at many times and in various ways, … Continue reading Hebrews 09