Genesis 35+36

Introduction Genesis chapter 35 is quite unusual, because it seems to contain an assortment of stories and incidents and details that don't appear to have much connection with one another. It's almost as if Moses -- who wrote the book of Genesis under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit -- had all these loose ends … Continue reading Genesis 35+36

Genesis 34

Introduction We come today to a difficult passage and to a strange one. You might even have been thinking, as I read the passage just now, why it's even in the Bible? Why are these things recorded for us? Why do we have to read this story of sex and violence? After all, if it … Continue reading Genesis 34

Genesis 32

Review So, the story of Jacob is a story about God's electing grace. Before Jacob was born, while he was still in his mother's womb, the Lord made clear that he had chosen Jacob, and not his brother, Esau, to inherit the promises that the Lord had already given to Abraham and to Isaac: the … Continue reading Genesis 32

Genesis 28(10–22)

Review One of the things we've been learning from the life of Jacob is what the Apostle Paul calls 'God's purpose of election'. Listen again to what Paul wrote in Romans 9: [W]hen Rebekah had conceived children by one man, our forefather Isaac, though they were not yet born and had done nothing either good … Continue reading Genesis 28(10–22)

Genesis 26

Review Last time, when we were studying chapter 25, we read that Abraham died and his body was buried in the same place where his wife, Sarah, had been buried. And though he had other sons -- borne to him by Keturah his concubine and Hagar, Sarah's maidservant -- nevertheless, Isaac, the son Sarah bore … Continue reading Genesis 26

Genesis 25

Introduction We've been following the story of Abraham since Genesis chapter 12, when he was 75 years old. And now, in this chapter, we read about his death and burial when he was aged 175 years old. So, we've been following his life over the course of 100 years; and now we come to the … Continue reading Genesis 25