Exodus 19(09–25)

Introduction The Lord has brought his people out of Egypt and he's brought them safely through the Red Sea and he's destroyed their enemies and he's provided for them in the wilderness and he's brought them to Mount Sinai. And in verses 1 to 8 of chapter 19, which we looked at last week, the … Continue reading Exodus 19(09–25)

Exodus 18

Introduction We've seen how the Lord delivered his people from their captivity in Egypt and he brought them safely through the Red Sea. And we've seen how, through these events, the Lord was revealing to us the good news of the gospel, because just as the Lord delivered the Israelites from their captivity, so the … Continue reading Exodus 18

Exodus 17(08–16)

Introduction Last week we were looking at the passage which runs from verse 22 of chapter 15 to verse 7 of chapter 17 and which contained the stories of how the Lord provided the Israelites with food and water in the wilderness. Do you remember? For three days they travelled in the desert without finding … Continue reading Exodus 17(08–16)