Deuteronomy 34

Introduction I wonder if you remember what you were doing on 15 September 2013? Any ideas? Can you remember back that far? If you can't remember, I can tell you. At least I can tell you what most of you were doing, because most of you, although not all of you, were listening to me … Continue reading Deuteronomy 34

Deuteronomy 29+30

Introduction The people of Israel are camped in the desert on the east side of the River Jordan, across from Jericho. They're right on the edge of the Promised Land and are about to enter it. And ever since Deuteronomy chapter 5, Moses has been going over the law of the Lord with them to … Continue reading Deuteronomy 29+30

Deuteronomy 27

Introduction Moses has been preparing the Israelites to enter the Promised Land of Canaan. And since chapter 5, he's been going over God's law with them to show them how to live as God's people in the Promised Land. In chapter 5, we read how he reminded them of the Ten Commandments, which God first … Continue reading Deuteronomy 27