2 Cor. 12(11)–13(14)

Introduction We're going to finish 2 Corinthians today. And we've seen that throughout most of this letter Paul has been defending himself and his ministry to the people in Corinth. Some were saying that he was unreliable and untrustworthy because he had changed his travel plans, not just once, but twice. And so, they were … Continue reading 2 Cor. 12(11)–13(14)

2 Cor. 11(01–15)

Introduction You might recall that I said last week that in the final chapters of this letter Paul is addressing the problem of the false preachers head on. Until now in the letter, they've been in the background and some of the things Paul had said earlier in his letter were connected to the false … Continue reading 2 Cor. 11(01–15)

2 Cor. 10

Introduction Paul's second letter to the Corinthians can be divided into three main parts. In the first part, he defended his gospel ministry. Some people in Corinth were criticising Paul. Do you remember? They criticised him because he had changed his travel plans and therefore it seemed to them that he was unreliable and can't … Continue reading 2 Cor. 10

2 Cor. 08(01–15)

Introduction For much of this letter, Paul has been writing to defend himself and his ministry because it seems that some of the members of the church in Corinth had begun to have their doubts about Paul and his ministry. They were saying Paul couldn't be trusted because he kept changing his travel plans. They … Continue reading 2 Cor. 08(01–15)

2 Cor. 06(03–13)

Paul's appeal At the end of last week's passage, Paul appealed to the people in Corinth to be reconciled to God. Though they were members of the church, believers in Christ, something had come between them and God so that they needed to be reconciled to God all over again. And the reason they needed … Continue reading 2 Cor. 06(03–13)