Titus 03

Introduction In chapter 2 of Paul's letter to Titus, Paul instructed Titus on what he should teach to different groups within the churches in Crete. He referred first of all to the older men and to what they should be; and then he referred to the older women and to what they should be; and … Continue reading Titus 03

Titus 02

Introduction Paul wrote this letter to Titus, who was one of his co-workers in the gospel. And Paul had left Titus in Crete to straighten out some things in the churches there. And in this letter, Paul instructed Titus on the things he needed to do and to teach on Crete. In verse 1 of … Continue reading Titus 02

Titus 01(01–04)

Introduction We began to study Paul's pastoral letters near the end of last year; and last week we reached the end of 2 Timothy. And it makes sense to me that we should go on now and complete the pastoral letters by studying Paul's letter to Titus. 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus are known … Continue reading Titus 01(01–04)